for years we have relied on the Ads and jingles for revenue. that is about to change...

"Here's The True Story Of
Why Traditional 'Make Cash With Radio' Systems
Just Don't Work
as they should
and what to do about it"

"Discover The Ethical Radio revenue System
that has been proven time and time again "


Hi, my name is Steve - and as part of my work here at Wavestreaming. I have conducted a research project over the last 18 months with a specific look at how online radio has changed and how some stations are leveraging their audiences to make money.

We're fortunate enough to be one of the world's biggest streaming radio providers which gives me a great 'behind the scenes' look at some of the most successful stations around.

I've compiled the results of this research into a five week coaching program called 'Internet Radio Cash'

Before I tell you about the crisis facing our industry - did you know that In 2013 Internet Radio has broken the ultimate barrier?

Over 50% Of Regular Radio Listeners (83% percent of the U.S population) tuning Into Internet Radio. How Long Before We Dominate?

That may sound good - none of this is important. The fact is that if we don't address the biggest issue of all, nothing will matter.

'They' Say That Without Thousands Of Listeners... We Don't Matter!

I want to talk to you about a problem that almost every radio station, from AM to FM, from digital to internet radio has.

It's a problem that affects every type of radio station - no one is immune:

It doesn't matter if you are running your station to make a change in society, to share your music, to get your voice heard, or to further your radio career.

What kind of problem could be so widespread?

Look, I don't want to labour the point - the problem is revenue.

Have You Ever Tried to generate revenue from your station?

If so - then you will know the truth. There is very little advice out there that actually generates revenue!

Yet - the bad advice and out of date systems keep coming!

They are 'pushed' by so-called revenue 'experts' who made their names in big commercial FM stations. They don't understand the web, modern technology or internet radio.

The traditional radio advertising model doesn't work so well for Internet Radio...

...It's virtually impossible!

Here at Wavestreaming towers, we have wasted a lot of time and money on strategies from these 'FM' experts...

Well, no longer.

We've got a vested interest in keeping our community healthy and successful - hence we do a lot of free projects like our fre radio player.

We all know that FM is moving to digital broadcasting. We also know that digital broadcasting and internet radio are moving to be the same thing!

We know that we are the future. The only question is - where does all the FM money go?

Will the cash be controlled by just a few corporations, like it is now? Or, will it go directly to stations delivering great content without the middle men,

Stations just like yours.

STOP: Please Don't Anger Your Listeners Just To Make A Few Dollars!

That's what the experts are telling us - and the useless radio gurus gurus preach - methods that upset our listerners. We are told that forcing commercialism on them is the ONLY way to make money.

We don't believe them.

We have two choices:


Traditional 'radio advertising' doesn't work for internet radio.

We need to move forward - not look back to FM..

The only question is whether you will be in the forefront of the 'new radio revenue' model - and making cash...

... or if you are going to be one of the cash starved stations, unable to grow or get listeners because you followed established wisdom.

Or worse, you did nothing at all to make money.

The FM model only works with massive cash and audiences without choice.

How crazy is that - to get big,fat and rich - you already need to be big, fat and well, rich.

There is another shocking reason, that I mentioned earlier...

FACT: only 2.8% of online stations succeed with the traditional revenue model!

If you are one of those stations - and you are happy with your revenue levels, then good for you.

It's VERY hard to fight your way into that group of stations where people want to advertise via high paid spots between your programming content.

Once you get there properly, it's like instant millionaire status. You could even sell your radio station.

The value of your radio station is determined by the revenue generated by your audience.

Is there A better way for Radio Stations to make money?

The answer is surprisingly, yes - and this is because many online stations focus on very specific interests and tastes compare to the bland big corporate stations.

Something that we have been taught is our greatest weakness is actually our greatest strength.

the experts say we can't (And Shouldn't)...

Our audiences are too small and too specific.

That is for two reasons:


They Don't Understand The REAL Power Of Internet Radio. We Do.

*We've learned that the 'experts' have a vested interest in ignoring, suppressing and crushing internet radio - until they are ready to dominate.*

However, just like an ocean cruiser takes forever to turn, so these giant behemoths will take an age to adapt.

.. Their 'advice' Doesn't Work For Internet Radio

Part of the problem is that we are right at the start of internet radio. Compared to FM - we are in the stone age marketing and revenue wise.

There is also another reason we are being held back. The 'corporates' activly don't want Internet Radio to succeed until they are ready to dominate…

So - they tell the 'lie'

To make money - they actively want you to think that:

When the truth is...

The old 'revenue' model is fading away. Just like the old radio model is.

Did you know that companies like Sony pay massive amounts for access to the playlists of stations just like yours?

I'm not suggesting that this a way we can make money.

Instead, I'm revealing this to let you know about the massive amounts of cash that are flowing around radio stations like yours.

Slowly, but surely, corporations are finding the value in internet radio - preparing for the day it takes over.



we work with thousands of stations. We now KNOW that There Is Another way!

A few months ago, I was talking to a well known welsh radio DJ - who was looking to build a massive new radio station to rival national FM stations in the UK.

However, as we talked over his business model, it became clear that until internet radio goes fully mainstream - the traditional revenue model of selling advertisements during broadcasts just isn't going to work.


You're at the cutting edge - whether you get ten people listing a week or 10,000 an hour.

REALLY IMPORTANT TAKEAWAY: The fact is - you don't even have to do anything and your listener base will grow.

Why? Well, just look at all the new pieces of HiFi and audio equipment coming out - from 'separates' to iPod docks, digital Radios and more.

Also, people can listen in on smart phones, tablets, laptops, desktops and other devices.

The key - is how do you make money from these audiences - either directly or indirectly?

Thankfully, we've discovered that the future of internet radio revenue is already here...

Everyone is Asking - "how Do I Get My Share?"

Discovering what works to get YOU regular, recurirng cash wasn't easy...

With over thousands of radio stations using us worldwide - it was a simple matter of finding out which ones were actually generating cold hard cash.

Day in. Day out.

For Over A Year We Have Worked With 'Cash Rich' Internet Stations. Figuring Out What Works & Improving It.

Then we interviewed those that were exceptional in terms of cash generation.

We also reverse engineered the methods that those that weren't willing to speak.

Then we took all the methods we found, and optimised, them - mixed and matched them to create new methods, methods that are more suited to the way you want to make cash.

Suprisingly - not even these cash rich stations were scratching the surface in terms of what they could be making.

Why? Well - there are so many ways to generate ethical revenues - that no one is doing more than 10% of them!

That's not to say that they weren't making good money, they were - we are talking full time salaries for the owners and DJs and cash to spare…

Still - it's worth remembering...

A Handful of stations are Secretly making ridiculously easy cash

That's out of thousands stations! These hidden, cash-grabbing stations are using all sorts of methods - but each is trapped in it's own silo.

Thing is - when you are in a bunker - you've no idea what other people are doing, and you don't get to see the opportunities that are REALLY available.

Does that make sense?

In other words - many stations actually would have had multiple cash generating methods to use - if they had only been able to find the other successful stations and talk to each other...

WE Want To Share these methods with you

As I just mentioned, we've been able to grow those methods, test them and refine them.

We've been lucky enough not to be in a bunker, but to have a 30,000ft view - where we could see everything going on with crystal clarity.

Combine that with our unprecedented knowledge of internet radio and top level connections to those behind the scenes and you have a recipe for success.

You Might Be Thinking - "- how can you have something that fits my styke of station?"

I can assure you that not only do we now have methods to suit almost any topic and style - you actually have more than one 'revenue' choice.

The reason for this is simply the amount of radio stations we have access to and who use our services.

Over the past year we've been running surveys, and questionnaires, webinars and call ins. We then moved onto interviews and testing - until our crack team had figured out all the essentials.

Those essentials have been concentrated down into simple step by step systems. We then took them and put our money where our mouth is - and used them to generate serious cash ($10,000+).

Since then, we've spent the past six months refining our marketing and cash generation strategies.

Here is what is great...

Each method suits your topic, style and purpose

As you can imagine, not every radio station has the same style. They speak to different audiences in different ways.

Some are about discussion - and they lean toward our 'EC' model. Other's are religous stations and they can use the 'EC' model, but the 'WS' model works equally well for them.

Music stations and community (as well as political) stations also have a very unique opportunity that generates consistent low level to medium level cash.

This model is truly set and forget (it's called the 'GD' model).

Specialist stations of all kinds can benefit from the 'PP' model - in fact we talked to someone who has had MAJOR success with this method and is now on first name terms with some of the legends of rock and roll…

So how does it all work?

Choose your station 'revenue type', then Add 'cash generators'.

It's really that simple - you identify the type of station you have (eg Rap, Country, Political, Sports) - and then choose the right core revenue model for you.

You can then add revenue components as and when you need to.

It's incredibly simple - but I'm sure you can appreciate the research and effort that has gone into this project.

At this point you might be wondering - what is this system called and what can it do for you?

Presenting 'Internet Radio Cash' - The future Of Internet Radio...

We don't make that claim lightly.

In fact - here are is exactly why:

Now - We're aware of someone who has been going round the Social Media events cInternet Radio Cash uit selling 'revenue strategies' for internet radio.

Sadly - from the feedback we've received - this is a package that is very suitable for FM / AM stations of a certain size.

We wanted To Reveale EXACTLYHOW Internet Radio Stations Can Make Cash

I just want to make it clear that whilst FM stations could benefit from Internet Radio Cash - it isn't made for them - it's made for people like you.

it's not the usual selling 'ads' and 'jingles'.

You know the usual advice - sell advertising 'spots' - and jingles between dj slots etc, or between hosts.

This just doesn't work well, and it can start to alienate your core audience.

We know this, because we had a number of sponsorship jingles recorded for one of our own stations - and listeners became very angry.

That FM 'Method' cost us listeners in droves - and it was at that point we knew the FM approach was poison.

Thankfully, we switched to one of our Internet Radio Cash core modules and added on a revenue component that had people BEGGING to pay us.

In fact, we couldn't keep up with demand - and had to turn people away whilst we grew the radio station.

'Internet Radio Cash' is about easy, ethical revenue

Internet Radio Cash is about the future of revenue generation for Internet Radio Stations. Big and small, niche and focussed, broad and wide.

The radio industry wants us to believe that because we don't have massive audience figures - we are never going to succeed.

Yet - we have more passionate listerners who change station less often and lsiten for longer!

Our listeners our way more passionate - and that is the key to ethical radio revenue.

This simple truth is one that many industry experts do not want to face.

Here is what is crazy thought - the value of a listener to an internet radio station is worth far more than a general listener to one of the 'big brother' radio stations.

Until now - it hasn't been possible for us to take advantage of that though.

THEY haven't wanted us to know the great position we are in.

Once enough of us wake up to the real power our targeted stations and audiences have - the money will start to shift and big boys stations will collapse like houses of cards.

It's that simple.


revealed: The Path to 'radio wealth'

Every station starts off small.

With digital radio - we have a new opportunity and a war we can and will finally win.

The only question is how long it will take? That is the unknown.

To speed things up - I strongly recommend you implement the strategies in Internet Radio Cash.

Your first step is to achieve 'radio independence' - this is where your station funds itself and can pay you some cash.

Maybe you will use this to grow your audience, increase your listener slots, take time off work, buy a new computer -or whatever you want.

Or, maybe you will use the cash to increase your reach, or help your community etc…

As time goes on - you will be able to move up to the next level and grow your income by adding new 'revenue components' - to the point where you can seriously grow your station and it becomes a business.

This is where many people work at their station full or part time.

This works for : Everyone from a small startup to a station already generating substantional revenues.

It's at this point you have a business you can franchise, grow, sell or do whatever you want.

Remember -this level marks the pinnacle of internet radio - but as time goes on - the opportunity is going to grow massively.

Sadly, the competition will also grow massively.

That is why you need to get on board now and start on the 'revenue' ladder - to ensure you are ahead of the competition by the time it comes to serious revenue generation.

It might be that you just want to earn some spare cash from your hobby, it might be that you are focussed on growing your audience (cash will really help hear).

Whatever you're goal - we have a path to suit.

Here is what 'Internet Radio Cash' does for you...


How to do all of this ethically, without annoying your audience, trying to sell them things or having annoying and ineffective jingles playing all the time…

You will see ACTUAL examples of people and stations making money with the 'Internet Radio Cash' system...

We show you over 20 New ways to make revenue whilst making your listeners more loyal and happy. Win - win.

It will begin generating income

You'll discover geometric growth

You'll understand how to create a rabid audience.

Too many people believe that internet radio can't make money.

We decided we had no choice to step in before this mythstarted really damaging our industry.

We decided to make a stand and reveal exactly what is needed to make ethical cash from your radio station.

You might be worried that this will be technically hard, difficult or just plain awkward…

I can assure you none of it is - and it is as 'easy as pie' to begin..

You don't need to talk to people - sign contracts or do deals. In fact, to get started you simply use automated systems, marketing and psychology.

We reveal everything.

What is key to note is - that you will find methods that suit you and your audience - unlike traditional advertising spots which can drive them away.

You don't need experience or knowledge either - if you can can speak English - can use the internet, and copy and paste - you've got all the skills you need!

So - what are you getting?

When You Join Today

You are getting instant access to the training area and the preregistration content. This is video training, delivered in a private members area with downloadable video, mindmaps, cheat sheets, process charts and more.

you won't find this anywhere else.

This isn't the sort of information that you can find on the internet. The online radio industry just isn't developed enough.

No one else even has any idea of many of these strategies - even the innovating radio stations - who are hiding out in their bunkers.

No One Else Has Spent The Years We Have Testing. No One Else Has Access To thousands of successful radio clients.

It seems inevitable that in 5 years, some of these strategies will be the driving force behind the entire radio industry.

Right now - you've got the chance to get involved at the the ground level and start generating revenue now.

We believe that this is fundamental for our community, fundamental to grow internet radio - and key to stopping the corporations dominating internet radio like they have done AM /FM.


Here Is What You Are Getting - 6 Weeks Of Revenue-Changing Training

You are getting six weeks of hard hitting 'step by step' training that will change the way you make money with your station. We have over 20 proven - easy to implement - ethical methods that will help you generate revenue.

These are the result of over a year of research, implmenting and testing. No one else out there has the reach or connections with so many radio stations to do this.

    Preregistration Week
  • Welcome
  • How to use this training
  • What You Need

    1. Week 1 - Your Radio Business Model
  • Welcome
  • Why isnt Internet Radio Like FM?
  • FM Business Model
  • New Business Models
  • Mindset / Revenue - Who is your audience?
  • Mindset - Understanding your audience
  • Mindset - Freeing Your Potential
  • Mindset - Laser Focus

    1. Week 2 - Ethical Revenue Strategies
  • Advertising - The Traditional Model
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  • Related [REMOVED - TOP SECRET]s
  • Premium [REMOVED - TOP SECRET]
  • Onsite Optimization

    1. Week 3 - Advanced Revenue Strategies
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  • Guest Poster
  • [REMOVED - TOP SECRET] Messages
  • Station [REMOVED - TOP SECRET]

    1. Week 4 - Rapid Implementation
  • [REMOVED - TOP SECRET] Business
  • Growing Your Business
  • Premium Content
  • Private Members Club Secrets

    1. Week 5 - Engagement & Listner Hypnosis
  • Regular Content
  • Hypnotic Personality
  • Celebrity Association Strategies
  • 'Place Of Contact
  • Audio Seduction Secrets

    1. Week 6 - Power Revenue Boosters
  • Seasonal Specials
  • Review Goods
  • Email List

    1. Week 7 - Interviews & Bonus Content
  • Interview With [REMOVED - TOP SECRET]


    change your station. change your life.

    The fact is that we make our money selling radio stations. We have pioneered new technologies such as autoDJ, online control panels, point and click iPhone radio apps.

    Those technologies took an immense amount of time cash and resources to develop.

    There is no difference with Internet Radio Cash.

    We have spent over one year working researching and testing these strategies. Put simply - they are the end of result of sifting through a whole heap of revenue strategies that are out of date, don't work - or are just unethical.

    This is very high end, indepth training - that we have put our heart and soul into.

    So - for that reason - we are going to suggest that certain people shouldn't sign up:

  • Those who believe that everything should be free, even though they want to make money
  • Those people who want to rip off their audience
  • Those who aren't interested in being ethical
  • Those who feel they don't need to know revenue strategies
  • Those who don't want to make cash from their station
  • Invest In Your Station. Invest In Yourself. Reap The Rewards

    You won't find anything else like this out there - becuase no one else is actually trying to change the community for the better... We've invested huge amounts of time, both on the part of the Wavestreaming research and deveopment team and in tersm of infrastrcuture to deliver this.

    As such - we don't think it would be unreasonable to ask for $500 for this training. Implementing what you learn will generate you far more than that in just a few months.

    Think about it - for the price of Starbucks and a snack a day ($10) - you are getting training, that will not only pay for itself many times over, but will also change your station and life. Permenantly.

    I'm sure that you are at the point where giving up a Starbucks a day for a month or so would be worth getting your station to the next level.

    However - we've decided that we would rather offset some our costs - by getting this out to more people. For that reason - we are setting the standard price at just $199.00

    That's how we like to over deliver at

    Here Is Why We Want You To Join Today.

    During our research and testing phase - we considered making this training only available to those signing an NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement).

    It would have safe guarded our methods - and having an application procedure would ensure only those who would use our methods in responsible ways would reap the benefits.

    However, we had to balance this against this reduced impact on the industry and our community.

    We are known for providing serious value and innovation in the industry - from our free tools and services (which we subsidise) to our best in class streaming and unmatched services.

    Get your station earning - Today.

    Remember - you are getting six weeks of indepth training, covering over 20 proven methods to generate revenue for your station.

    Order today for just $199.

    To order, simply click the button below and order now :)


    FAQ And Important Stuff

  • This Is Not A 'Get Rich Quick' Scheme
  • Results Are Not Typical - Case Studies Are From Top 'Under The Radar' Performers
  • To Get Results You MUST implement
  • Station size does not matter, but we recommend you use this with Internet Radio not other types of business
  • Please use these strategies for good - do not use to abuse your audience
  • It is your responsibility to make sure you are using a modern browser that can view video. If you can watch the video at the top of this page - then that will be a yes :)