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We receive a lot of common questions from our customers. Here are some videos that may answer some of the questions you have about our services.

Thinking of Starting an Online Radio Station?

This video will answer important questions which will help you decide whether or not to jump into SHOUTcast Radio Broadcasting.

What is SHOUTcast? Starting Internet Radio?

What is SHOUTcast? The name can be confusing. It is simply a software system to broadcast to Internet radio audiences all over the world. There are loads of benefits, this video explains them all.

Have You Got Something For a Beginner?

Radio In a Box gives you a complete all-in-one package to make it easier and cost effective to start-up or advance your radio station!

How Many Listener Slots Do I Need?

We will talk you through the basics to the advanced steps of choosing a listener slot package and explains how you can get thousands of listeners monthly even on a small package.

Setting up Online Radio: Rumors Revealed?

We talk you through the 3 biggest fears or 'rumors' circulating around the subject of starting an Internet radio station.

How to Pick a Radio Host

How to ensure you don't get ripped off by a streaming host. Its important you know who you're dealing with when doing business online. SHOUTcast Reviews and Stream Host Reviews don't always help and can easily be faked. Ensure that the company behind a radio streaming website is legitimate before signing up with them.

Our Fantastic Uptime Records, Proven!

Any good radio host should keep a track of the availability of their service. Here at Wavestreaming we are proud to have Uptime records dating back to 2004, which illustrate our 99.9% overall Uptime.

Is SHOUTcast right for me?

SHOUTcast is right for you, If you need a solution to broadcast live internet radio it can easily be integrated onto any existing website. You can broadcast as little or as much as you like, you can also have DJs connect to broadcast from multiple locations if you wish.

What is bitrate (Eg 128kbps)?

Bitrate refers to the quality of the stream. The industry standard is 128kbps which is a high 'CD stereo' quality stream. 64kbps is more like FM radio and 32kbps is more like telephone quality. If you're playing music, we recommend 128k - but for voice only, 64k. Lower quality streams at 32k are more useful if you expect a lot of listeners with poor quality internet, such as dialup or 3G (mobile).

View SHOUTcast

Is Cloud DJ right for me?

Cloud DJ is right for you, If you want to broadcast 24/7 without being on you computer, Maybe you dont have the time or energy to live broadcast all the time, After a long day at the office im sure broadcasting is the last thing you can bring yourself to do. Cloud DJ is an Add-On for any existing SHOUTcast Server. To use Cloud DJ, you'll also need SHOUTcast - however, to use SHOUTcast live - you don't need Cloud DJ.

Cloud DJ is right for you, If you want to broadcast 24/7 without being on you computer, Cloud DJ is an Add-On for your SHOUTcast Server

What's FTP?

FTP is most commonly used to upload and download your files too and from a server using the Internet (e.g., uploading Your MP3's to Cloud DJ) You just download some free software, watch our tutorial and enter some details into a few boxes, all with complete video support. It is a breeze! If you need any video help or knowledge base articles on anything like this just check out the resources section!

What's a Playlist?

A playlist is a list of all your uploaded recorded songs or pieces of music chosen to be broadcast on your radio station or by a particular radio station. These can be created to play your music to your audience using our very simple and easy to navigate Cloud DJ by way of the control panel Wavepanel!

Do I need SHOUTcast?

Yes, Cloud DJ is a sort of "add-on" to your SHOUTcast server... If you want to use Cloud DJ you will need a SHOUTcast Server, you just request it and we just plug it in to your SHOUTcast server, this then uses your SHOUTcast server to play your uploaded tracks to!

What Is Wavepanel?

Wavepanel® is our custom built Control Panel. Inside this control-panel where you can manage and administrate your Cloud DJ, you create your playlistshere and view songs you have uploaded. You can also access and configure SHOUTcast. Our Wavepanel system, is available 24/7 and you can access from anywhere! Simply upload and walk away! Its as easy as that.

All our service costs. In one place.

SHOUTcast SHOUTcast V2 Servers Monthly Annual
L 500Slots, 500GB Transfer, up to 128Kbps $29/m $290/yr
XL 1000Slots, 1000GB Transfer, up to 128Kbps $49/m $490/yr
XXL 1500Slots, 2500GB Transfer, up to 128Kbps $99/m $990/yr
Web Hosting Add-on for above. includes domain. +$10/m +$100/yr
Cloud DJ Solo -Requires SHOUTcast Server Monthly Annual
500MB Approx 125 tracks $10/m $100/yr
1GB Approx 250 tracks $15/m $150/yr
2GB Approx 500 tracks $20/m $200/yr
5GB Approx 1250 tracks $25/m $250/yr
7GB Approx 1750 tracks $30/m $300/yr
10GB Approx 2500 tracks $35/m $350/yr
15GB Approx 3750 tracks $40/m $400/yr
25GB Approx 6250 tracks $50/m $500/yr
50GB Approx 12500 tracks $75/m $750/yr
100GB Approx 25000 tracks $100/m $1000/y
RadioPlayer Monthly Annual
FREE Basic Flash Player FREE FREE
WEB HTML5 Viral Player N/A $99/yr
ANDROID Android App N/A $149/yr
iPHONE iPhone App ($89 One Time Setup fee) $10/m N/A
Extras Monthly Annual
Twitter Tweet Now Playing tracks to your feed OneTime $34.95
Learn OneTime
Easy Internet Radio Everything from planning to streaming and setting up a website $29.95
Listener Magnet Powerful Marketing Strategies to help increase listenership. $197.00
Internet Radio Cash Invest In Your Station. Invest In Yourself. Reap The Rewards $199

All prices shown are exclusive of any discount or current promotions. Please check individual product pages for more information. All our services are subject to our Terms & Conditions. Prices subject to change.


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