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We’ve made launching your own internet radio station even easier with Radio.co. Our brand new cutting edge Internet Radio Platform

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Master the technology and explore the possibilities with internet radio training products from Radio.co. Through our programmes we can teach you everything from planning your very first station, marketing and promoting your station, attracting listeners, and how to start making a profit from it.

Internet Radio Cash

So you've started your internet radio, but your struggling to generate revenue and your adverts are annoying your listeners. When you buy Internet Radio Cash you will learn:

  • How to create stronger bond with your audience to keep them returning again and again.
  • How to turn these listeners into a paying fan base.
  • Over 20 different methods for generating revenue - pick and chose the ones that work for your station.

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Listener Magnet

Listener Magnet will teach you a collection of Powerful Marketing Strategies to build momentum and help get more listeners to your Internet Radio Station.

In this 5-part video training series we will teach you multiple strategies that you can implement to help bring more listeners towards your radio station.

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Become a Better Presenter

Get the knowledge you need become an awesome presenter...

It doesn’t matter if you’re a national breakfast show DJ, internet radio host, or a community radio presenter - This course was created with industry insider Kate Cocker whom will teach you how to stay ahead of the competition, draw in listeners, and keep them coming back for more!

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Launch a Profitable Podcast

Discover How to Launch a Profitable Podcast & Grow Your Personal Brand

Everyday more people are downloading and listening to podcasts. Are you ready to take advantage of this growing trend and become a podcasting authority in your chosen niche?
It doesn't matter what type of Podcaster you want to be, when you buy this course you will learn actionable strategies that will rocket your podcast to the top of the charts and turn it into a profit making machine!

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Wavestreaming has helped thousands of stations around the world get broadcasting and get heard. Radio.co is set to make starting your station even easier! Read some of their stories.

The new player is fast, easy to use, and the customisable aspects allow it to be unique for our site, giving our users the best experience when listening to our station. - Filth FM


Inspire creativity and encourage hands-on learning with Radio.co's incredibly easy-to-use internet radio products. Discover a new, fun and engaging way to teach students communication, project management, team work, and much more.

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In an ever more complicated and diverse world, spreading your message can be difficult. With Radio.co's easy-to-use products you could reach further to a potential audience of thousands. Religious radio is on the rise and we're here to make you part of it.

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Done right, in-store radio can be utilised to reflect your brand, enhance your customers experience and, ultimately, increase sales. Implementation is quick, easy and affordable.

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Wavestreaming is the leading provider of products and services for internet radio stations. If you're looking to start an internet radio station, get some rock solid media streaming or SHOUTcast Hosting services for your existing internet, digital or terrestrial station you have come to the right place. Learn more about us.

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