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  • Miami Bass FM

    Miami Bass FM was and idea Jerry had about a year ago to highlight the forgotten Southern style of Hip Hop that has influenced much of today's music. Having a background in radio he knew how to format and program it but not how to actually broadcast it. Luckily he found Wavestreaming and now reaches people all over the world.

    All Bass. All Day. Every Day

    Miami Bass FM is a 24 hour a day radio station that plays all the Bass hits of the 80's and 90's from artists like Clay D, The 2 Live Crew, Poison Clan, DJ Magic Mike, Uncle Luke, Breezy Beat MC, DJ Laz, The 69 Boyz, Splack Pack and others as well as "New Bass" from artists like Floorkilla, Jimi The Genius, 25 Keyz, Richie Rich, Soundchasers, Tom Oliver and others that have been extremely active in the past year. It's the only station in the world that features this style of music 24 hours a day.

    Broadcasting live from studios in Los Angeles and Miami, Miami Bass FM reaches listeners in Germany, Brasil, Japan, Mexico, United States, Belgium, The United Kingdom and all over the world daily, proving that this style of Hip Hop is more that just a regional success. Miami Bass FM is part of the Miami Bass Radio Network, and can be streamed at www.MiamiBass.FM, via the free Miami Bass FM iPhone app or on any mobile device via a SHOUTcast player.

  • Rubix Radio

    Rubix Radio is a non-profit radio station. Rubix recognise how difficult is it to get a foot in the door and so one of their main goals is to give opportunities in radio to both presenters and artists alike.

    Rubix provides opportunities to budding presenters and artists alike!

    Like most people, their staff have a passion for all kinds of music and so it was decided to create a station that would hopefully give something for everyone! Alongside their vastly growing unsigned artist show Rubix provides round the clock entertainment in a diversity of shows and podcasts that include comedy, film, new talent, and of course music across the genres and years. They also pride themselves on valuing all of their listeners as without them they wouldn't be here! If there is a song you want to hear or show you think they need, get in touch!

    Another important foundation of Rubix is their passion for helping charities. This year they plan to team up with Rally for Heroes in raising awareness for charity and to also host their very own events and fund-raisers throughout the year so watch this space! The station is also open to creating partnerships and sponsorships with other companies that they feel could benefit from teaming up.

    Their website created by Dan has even been adapted for budding artists to upload their own songs and write biographies on themselves. Rubix Radio now have their own YouTube channel for selected artists who wish to be interviewed by the Rubix Radio DJ’s.

    Of course starting a new station did come with its challenges. Both George & Jess say this was “Very challenging but once this was done, everything started to fall into place nicely” As well as how Rubix Radio has took off with its non-stop music, unsigned artists and also it’s committed team of DJ’s and presenters, George believes that the look of the Pro Player Suite Player that the listeners tune into and the website has helped to boost the station more. “If we didn't have the player our listener base would be smaller, since getting the player, many Rubix Radio DJ’S now share the player on their Facebook timeline”. From that, one of the Rubix Radio DJ’s friends can share with his/her friends and then there you have it! the listeners double up.

    George believes it is important for the website to be up to date and fresh as more content attracts more listeners. “We have made our site as professional as possible and this has definitely attracted more people to listen and even to join our team.

    Cloud DJ is brilliant and since moving over to it we’ve found broadcasting 24 hours a lot less stressful. The tagging is an amazing idea and works well with our variety of music. We looked everywhere to find a system that faded out music when going from a DJ to automated and we couldn’t find anything until cloud DJ came along! Great bit of kit and we are looking forward to more updates being released!

  • Serenity Groove

    Serenity Groove International Online Radio or SGR began broadcasting in November 2007. Serenity Groove currently have and feature thirteen virtual DJ’s from the United States to the UK who are aired live on various days throughout the week.

    Serenity Groove Radio... Experience the journey

    SGR’S aim is “To share our love of music 24/7”. Broadcasting to audiences domestically in the USA and internationally, touching a wide variety of genres. “The main focus for SGR and something that we are honored to do is work with independent artists who the general public may not have heard of” says Silas a.k.a DJ Clyde at SGR. Serenity Groove promote these “indie artists” by showcasing their music and also conducting spotlight interviews which are featured on their station and website.

    Before Serenity Groove Radio was born, Silas thought internet radio was just a “Duplicate of mainstream radio but just on the internet”. He also added “That some internet stations do not have a lot of different genres than what you may hear on mainstream radio”. SGR wanted to stand out “We wanted our station to be a platform to hear what mainstream radio would not play”.

    As well as it’s uniqueness in music, SGR thinks having the customized personal player from the Pro Player Suite on their website makes it more convenient for their listeners not just to enjoy their web content and listen from there, but to also to listen to SGR just in one place. “The music player fits aesthetically well with the look and feel of the website” says Silas.

    When SGR was coming together it naturally had a few challenges ahead, challenges that Silas said “Made them more determined to follow through on what we set out to do”. Still Serenity Groove’s focus and determination still remains “ Providing music to all” says Silas.

    Serenity Groove’s website is very committed to it’s station and listeners. This is important to new and current listeners of SGR, Something that Silas thinks is very important today. “In today’s tech society one tends to grow bored very quickly, keeping the content on our website fresh and interesting is very important to us”.

  • QTalk

    QTalk America is the #1 gay talk radio network for the LGBTQ (Lesbian,Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer/Questioning) community in the world. Bringing together the voices from the LGBTQ community from around the globe.

    Many Voices, One Network

    QTalk America’s (or QTalk Arizona before this changed to QTalk America) aim is to bring the best and brightest (and undiscovered) in podcasting and traditional talk radio for the LGBTQ community all over the world. The slogan of QTalk America is “Many voices, One network” something that has definitely stayed true from the beginning. Its founder and original host Joe Dugandzic, says “Today we’re the world’s #1 gay talk radio network, bringing the voices of our community to nearly any device on the globe with an internet connection”.

    Joe has been listening to internet radio since the 1990’s but had no desire to start one until 2008 when he started doing this as a hobby. From doing this as a hobby many people told Joe that he had a “voice for radio”. He eventually started QTalk from a single podcast and has created several new shows and turned people into radio hosts.

    QTalk has had a reasonable reception when it was established nearly 4 years ago. When QTalk Arizona rebranded itself to QTalk America, they started having a larger response and fan following. “Many people upon first finding about QTalk America say, Wow that’s awesome - I didn't know that you guys existed” says Joe.

    The player used on the QTalk America website has definitely benefited the station. “The player has helped us evolve how we reach our listeners” Joe says. “We use the player for its Facebook integration so that our listeners can share what they are listening to at that very moment and that has been very popular with our listeners”.

    Joe also adds that QTalk America has had a few bumps in the road when it has come to setting up the station but has also said that evolving technology has helped them where they are today since starting out in 2008. Joe also praises Wavestreaming for its tools and platform “Wavestreaming’s solutions have enabled us to be very efficient in managing the station and our content and allows us a lot of flexibility for the price”.

    “The road to get to where we are today has been challenging, but we love where we have landed and the future is looking bright” - Joe

    QTalk America’s website is an array of information, not just about the station but also where you can listen to old shows and even local information what is happening in the community. This is something that Joe thinks that a good website is key to a good station. “It’s absolutely important to have a great website to keep listeners updated with what’s going on on, even though some stations today would just have a presence on Facebook, it is important to have a great looking, informative and easy-to-use site that gets listeners the information they need as well as the shows they want to listen to”.


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