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We’ve made launching your own internet radio station even easier with Our brand new cutting edge Internet Radio Platform


  • Works on most SHOUTcast V2 or Icecast Servers*
  • Listen to your SHOUTcast stream via iPhone and iPad
  • Works with the most popular Desktop browsers
  • Embed onto your website with simple copy and paste
  • Even put it right onto a Facebook Page
  • 2 Players in One! The Advanced player plus slimline flash player
  • Create multiple players
  • Realtime album art and now playing information

Turbo charge your radio station with multi device support and much more! This new radio player duo is the future of online radio.

You spoke and we listened! Your new player suite is now waiting for you... Get the existing flash player *on steroids* with even more skins, no right click advert and social sharing PLUS its newer bigger brother, our professional advanced player with iOS, Android support and cross desktop browser compatibility.

All bought together in a new management interface where you can create and edit multiple players for your station.


All our products are packed full of features to help make your station the best it can be. Access to our Support team and detailed, easy-to-follow support documentation is included with every package.

*SHOUTcast V1 servers not supported. We cannot guarantee functionality with all Icecast servers. Streams over https are not supported.

Facebook Radio

Embed your radio station right within Facebook. Put the advanced player directly on your Station's Facebook page!

iOS Compatible

The advanced player will work on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad natively within Safari. No plugins or extra apps are needed, meaning your listeners will hear you on the move!

Custom Themes

Getting any media player to match your websites look and feel can be a challenge. So we created a custom theme builder to enable you to specify the exact look and feel of your players! Or simply choose from dozens of pre-designed professional looking skins.

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Get the Web player with all of these features for just $99 a year.

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Client Showcase
More about the Facebook Radio Player

Check out our demo stream 'EPIC RADIO'

Advanced HTML 5 Player Demo Stream


Wavestreaming has helped thousands of stations around the world get broadcasting and get heard. is set to make starting your station even easier! Read some of their stories.

The new player is fast, easy to use, and the customisable aspects allow it to be unique for our site, giving our users the best experience when listening to our station. - Filth FM


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