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    SHOUTcast Hosting
  • Instant, Easy & Free Setup
  • No contracts, pay monthly
  • Upgrade at any time
  • Rock solid global network
  • Join thousands of customers
  • Industry leading stream host

What is SHOUTcast streaming?

SHOUTcast is a platform which allows radio stations to broadcast over the internet. It is used by over 50,000 radio stations world wide and has become the industry standard for stations wanting to broadcast online in MP3 format.

Why is SHOUTcast good for my station?

It is good for your station because it is easy to use and so widely compatible. Listeners will hear you through all desktop media players like iTunes and Windows Media Player - plus an ever increasing number of mobile and other devices such as iPhone and iPad.

Not sure which package is right for you or confused over the terminology?
Take a look at our Buyer's Guide.

You aren't getting 'just' a SHOUTcast server with Wavestreaming, as every server includes an array of tools, resources and features. We've spent over 7 years developing our own technology platforms, of which many contain closely guarded trade secrets. We use SHOUTcast as the core foundation for our completely bespoke systems, to provide you with the latest radio streaming technology for SHOUTcast.

    Advanced Server Features
  • Wavepanel™ Control PanelInstantly manage, configure and change advanced options on your server.
  • 24/7/365 Server WatchOur self healing technology will run over 280 tests each day on your server & automatically restart it, should it ever go down.
  • Stream Ripper ProtectionProtect your stream against stream recorders/rippers with our custom made protection layer.
  • Listener Statistics
  • Realtime DashboardMonitor your server live and watch as listeners flood to your radio station to listen.
  • Geo LocationYour listeners will even appear on a google map, observe geographic location at a glance.
  • Listener Trend GraphsKeep an eye on SHOUTcast server trends by day/week/month/year to see when your busiest periods are..
  • Licensing Requirements
  • TTSL ReportThe TTSL (Total Time Spent Listening) figure is provided on a daily & monthly basis for your reports.


All our products are packed full of features to help make your station the best it can be. Access to our Support team and detailed, easy-to-follow support documentation is included with every package.

Broadcast Live Radio

Begin streaming your online radio station in moments using our premium MP3 broadcasting platform, with a 6 year track record of 99.9% uptime in both US and UK server locations.

Easy to use

Getting started is easy. A range of free software and video tutorials are available to get you up and running, fast. Without the usual technical headaches of internet radio technologies.


Reach Listeners on Windows and Mac with our free and pro players on browsers like IE, Firefox, Safari and Chrome, plus all the common media players such as iTunes, Real and Windows Media Player.


Our Bandwidth based Freedom packages give you the power to do more for less. We have three standard SHOUTcast hosting options, or most popular being XL.

If you'd like to discuss creating your own configuration, we'd be more than happy to help. Contact our Support team to discuss your needs.

*Per month based on 128Kbps stream.



Great for small stations and start-ups.

500GB Bandwidth
(Approx 9000 Listening Hours*)

Up to 128 kbps

Up to 500 Listeners



Our most popular. Great for most stations.

1000GB Bandwidth
(Approx 18000 Listening Hours*)

Up to 128 kbps

Up to 1000 Listeners



Great for larger, well-established stations.

2500GB Bandwidth
(Approx 45000 Listening Hours*)

Up to 128 kbps

Up to 1500 Listeners

Our SHOUTcast servers do NOT include a Cloud DJ service. For automation please check out:

Be heard

If you have an existing website or are in the process of creating one, you can easily add your SHOUTcast server onto any website and it doesn't have to be hosted with us. Integration is very simple and we have a full suite of tools to quickly get online.

Flash Players

Our SHOUTcast Flash players have been used by tens of thousands of radio stations.

We include a free flash player with over 25 skins for your website. Or you can upgrade to our premium player suite for a small additional cost.

Website Integration

Your listeners will be able to launch their favorite desktop player right from your site.

  • iTunes
  • Windows Media
  • Winamp
  • Plus More!

Use our copy and paste JavaScript snippets to display the currently playing song and more! No knowledge of PHP needed.

For advanced users, the SHOUTcast XML API is available for integration with a web application.

NEW: Twitter Add-on

Automatically tweet the songs and artists you are playing directly to your Twitter timeline.

  • Get more listeners
  • Inform followers
  • Completely automatic
  • Easy to set up

Our new add-on helps you use the power of Twitter to grow your audience and build your station. Install it to get started today.

This premium feature can be activated for a one time cost of $34.95


Wavestreaming has helped thousands of stations around the world get broadcasting and get heard. is set to make starting your station even easier! Read some of their stories.

Wavestreaming has been instrumental in legitimising our radio streaming services by giving us the reliable servers we need to keep our clients happy. - LV Rocks Radio


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