Radio Solutions for Retail

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    • A growth in revenue.
    • An expansion in income through mixed radio marketing of various departments within your store.
    • The chance of an increase in revenue through supplier sales.
    • You can change your message at short notice either individually, regionally or nationally.
    • Individualize, regionalize or nationalize your ideas.
    • You will have a 100% captive audience, no misspending of advertising dollars.

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5 Reasons why your business could benefit

In-store commercial radio is a customizable, purposeful and dominant communication passage that can be used throughout many different and alternative business environments. There are a wide range of benefits that are appropriate to different business organizations.

  • Unique In-Store Radio
    Help your shop develop its own commercial, in-store radio with personalized commercials, corporate chain messages and customized music playlists. Gone are the days where your customers have to listen to your competitors ads while they are in your store. Everything can be customized to fit with your brand, sales promotions or time of day..

  • In-Store Promo-Campaigns
    While your customers are in your store, it is an ideal opportunity to promote specific goods in order to impact their shopping actions. It gives you the perfect opportunity to communicate & sell to likely and current buyers while they're at the point of sale.

  • No Rival Radio Ads
    It is your radio station so play only your ads. So never again will you have to unwillingly promote your competition in order to play the radio in-store.

  • Grow Sales Domestically Using Your Radio
    In-store radio can help improve sales by promoting certain products and promotions you may have in store at the time. Influence customers' decision on which product to use (up-sell) and the number of total items they buy (cross-sell).

  • Watch your Brand Awareness Grow
    Create brand awareness by delivering a common company jingle or tag-line across your radio network. Link your other branding messages to your radio channel to create a comprehensive branding message wherever your customers may be.

Launching your online radio station for retail is quick and simple.

What happens if my shop does not have a PC?

You could use your PC to connect to your stream, plug your stream from the PC into your Speaker system and your away, but you're thinking, so now I have to purchase a computer to do this? Well no, you can use a clever little gadget we have discovered, This allows you to direct your stream to an Exstreamer® this then connects to your stream, all pulls this through to your speakers. You will need an Instreamer® to send your stream across though. A very handy little tool to make steaming from your Wavestreaming Server, without a PC, a breeze.

3 Good reasons to use this cool gadget?
  • No data media server or PC infrastructure needed
  • Reliable, robust, maintenance free hardware
  • Significantly lower power consumption than a PC

If you have any questions or want to discuss bringing in-store radio to your business, contact our technical team.

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Done right, in-store radio can be utilised to reflect your brand, enhance your customers experience and, ultimately, increase sales. Implementation is quick, easy and affordable.

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