Radio Solutions for Worship

Religious radio is a up and coming phenomenon in the radio streaming world. Whether you are a Reverend in your local community or a Preacher trying to spread your message to a wider audience, Internet radio is the place for you. There are many religious radio stations out there and are very popular! Here at Wavestreaming we are doing our best to help people of the religious community to get there radio station off to the best start.

  • Cheaper & faster than traditional AM or FM broadcast
  • Easy to start with minimal requirements
  • Simply record your religious shows & play on auto!
  • Spread your message virally!

Launching your online radio station for worship is quick and simple.

We've created products and services that can get you broadcasting totally live, pre-recorded, or a bit of both, in just minutes.

Go live or record your sermons and discussions

Broadcast live from church or home using your existing PC or laptop, or upload your recorded message to play-out automatically as and when you decide.

Spread your holy message globally

Internet radio empowers you to reach out to the world and teach a wider audience.

Directly influence your new audience

Your listeners will hear you easily on iTunes, Windows Media Player and even iPhone.

  • Live Internet Radio

    This is a three stage process. The first is your radio studio, which can be a full setup with studio equipment or a simple desktop computer and microphone. The live audio feed is processed by some free software; it is then broadcast or ‘streamed’ from your church, home, studio or office via the internet to our web radio servers (second stage). You have then formed a live broadcast and the third stage is the listeners, who can tune in worldwide (or using our stream geo locking system, can be limited to any country). Live Audio Source → Wavestreaming Radio Server → Listeners

    Find out more about broadcasting live with SHOUTcast.

  • Live Recorded

    Using this option, you can offer a 24/7 ‘live style’ radio station via the internet, without the need to run a single thing from your end. This is an ideal solution for schools without a professional studio setup. Audio content can be pre-recorded and edited using a desktop PC and microphone. You can then upload the MP3’s with recorded content or music to our servers, and schedule playlists to stream the files in any order you like. In effect, creating a radio broadcast that will sound live – but isn’t.

    Learn how to quickly and easily start broadcasting with Cloud DJ

Radio dot co is a brand new internet radio platform, by Wavestreaming


Wavestreaming has helped thousands of stations around the world get broadcasting and get heard. is set to make starting your station even easier! Read some of their stories.

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In an ever more complicated and diverse world, spreading your message can be difficult. With's easy-to-use products you could reach further to a potential audience of thousands. Religious radio is on the rise and we're here to make you part of it.

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